Caringbah Family Practice' Front Desk

Medical Reception

Caringbah Family Practice's Medical Reception

The Medical Reception Team at Caringbah Family Practice prides itself on offering the best standards of care to Caringbah Family Practice patients. The team aims to ensure patients feel valued and supported while maintaining operational effectiveness in managing appointments and enquiries.

Led by Administration Manager Effie, the team is made up of six staff members, each of whom bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to their roles.

As the main point of contact between Caringbah Family Practice and patients, the Medical Reception Team plays a crucial role in fostering positive patient experiences. To ensure patients leave the practice happy, the team focuses on providing personalised and empathetic service, addressing patient needs promptly, maintaining clear communication and ensuring a smooth patient experience from start to finish.

The team also applies continuous improvement efforts to ensure patient satisfaction levels are maintained.

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