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Men’s Health

Talk to us about men’s health

We have extensive experience dealing with men’s health issues through every stage of life.

Australian men are more likely than women to get sick from a serious health issue. They’re also less likely to visit a doctor and only do so when an illness is in its later stages.

The doctors at Caringbah Family Practice are here to make sure you stay as healthy as possible. Book an appointment at Caringbah Family Practice and we’ll speak with you about any issues of concern. We can provide you with advice on healthy eating and staying active, living with chronic disease, fertility and sexual health, plus talk to you about issues associated with mental health and depression.

We also conduct essential screening checks for men to pick up health problems in people who don’t yet have disease symptoms.

Contact us today for a men’s health check and discover how you can stay fit, healthy and happy.

  • Obtain advice on healthy eating
  • Speak to us about mental health
  • Identify age-related health risks
  • Undertake an STI test
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