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Give yourself peace of mind by booking a skin check up with a trained health professional.

Are you concerned about a mole or a recent change in the way your skin looks? Do you spend a lot of time in the sun?

Early detection and treatment of skin cancer is essential, which is why we recommend getting to know your skin and booking a skin check every year. Skin cancer can occur at any time and the risk increases as you age. It’s also worth remembering that Australians are at risk of skin cancer due to the high levels of UV radiation we experience.

At Caringbah Family Practice, we specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of skin conditions, including melanoma and skin cancer. We’ll undertake a thorough check of any skin areas you’re concerned about. And we’ll conduct a simple and non-invasive inspection of the rest of your body to ensure your skin is healthy and cancer-free.

  • Early detection is key
  • Checks are quick and painless
  • Skin cancer is almost always treatable
  • We offer surgical excision

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