Dr Angelia Tjokrowidjaja

Dr Angelia Tjokrowidjaja’s journey in medicine began at the prestigious Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick, where she honed her skills and passion for healing. Her dedication led her to achieve Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, marking a significant milestone in her career.

With a zest for all facets of general practice, Dr. Angelia Tjokrowidjaja’s expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries. She harbors a particular interest in women’s health and sexual well-being, recognizing the importance of addressing these sensitive topics with empathy and understanding.

Dr. Angelia Tjokrowidjaja envisions a partnership with her patients, fostering open communication and mutual respect. Her approach is rooted in the belief that true wellness encompasses more than just the absence of illness—it’s about proactively nurturing health through preventive measures.

In her practice, she strives to provide holistic and comprehensive care, addressing not only the immediate concerns but also delving into the broader context of her patients’ lives. Dr. Angelia Tjokrowidjaja’s commitment to promoting well-being resonates through her compassionate demeanor and unwavering dedication to delivering personalized care.

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