Consult Fees

Consult Fees

Practice Guideline May 01 2022 

New Patient consultation (All new patients) $117 – $142

Standard Consultation Telehealth or FTF $82

Long Consultation Telehealth or FTF $142

Full transfer of records individual $30

Full transfer of records family $50

All Covid Vaccines Bulk Billed

Eligible Patient Flu Vaccines Bulk Billed

New Patients Initial appointment $117 – $142 

Bulk Billed patients might be those with a valid HCC, DVA, Pension Card (not all  Procedures) and children under 16. (Not initial appointment) 
Age 16 – 21 to pay an alternate fee – (under the doctors discretion) 21+ Full fees – (under the doctors discretion) 
General Practice Plans or longer consults additional fees will apply

At Caringbah Family Practice we strive to provide quality and personalised medical advice. This involves spending the time with our patients and our Doctor will only see 3-4 patients per hour. We do not routinely bulk bill and believe we offer a quality alternative service to the “high turnover”, bulk billing Practices.